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Some people listen to the radio, some download audiobooks, and others may listen to podcasts. This free entertainment has a variety of benefits from improving your cognition, ease of listening to them anywhere, to learning about a new subject or industry. Below is a summary of some of the best podcasts for firefighters.

  1. The NFPA Journal Podcast: The National Fire Protection Association dives deep into the latest trends on the second Tuesday of every month. Jesse Roman, a staff writer for the NFPA Journal discusses issues in fire, electrical and life safety. Available on iTunes,  Stitcher Radio and on their website.

  1. The Firefighter Training Podcast: If you are interested in training, firefighting safety, current trends in the industry, or advancing your career then this would be a great podcast for you to check out. Peter Lamb discusses a variety of different topics relevant to the field. Check out their website for an archive of the past podcasts. Available on iTunes , Stitcher Radio, and on their website.

  1. Code 3 The Firefighters’ Podcast: With new episodes delivered twice-weekly, this podcast covers topics for firefighters in the fire service industry by interviewing the top individuals in the field. Scott Orr an award-winning journalist delivers valuable information and resources from a variety of sources from Chiefs to Probies, Engineers to Firefighters, and Paramedics to EMTs. Also, a unique bonus that makes this podcast very valuable is the information provided about the guest speaker and any articles or books that the guest speaker has written. Available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and on their website.

  1. Fit to Fight Fire Podcast: This podcast is geared towards educated firefighters about topics related to fitness and leadership. John Spera and Tom Johnson are known for being incredible hosts with an accountable, and citizens-first mindset. They also encourage each listener with the question, “Would you want you rescuing you?” Available on iTunes and on their website.

  1. SAMatters Radio: SAM stands for Situational Awareness Matters and the goal is to help individuals and teams understand human factors, reduce the impact of situational awareness barriers, and improve their decision making under stress. The host Dr. Gasaway is considered one of the nation’s leading authorities on these topics and his contribution to the profession has been widely acknowledged. This podcast can be utilized as a fire service professional or in your everyday life. Available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and on the website.

  1. On the Line: This podcast provides information for today’s wildland firefighters. The information provided is useful for anyone looking to get into wildland fire or for individuals already in the industry. Available on iTunes and on the website.

  1. Off Duty Podcast: This post is noted for being born at the firehouse coffee table. It’s a podcast to listen to when you need to sit down, relax, and unwind while off duty. The hosts are considered to be very funny and entertaining. Available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and on their website.

  1. Disaster Dads: This is a unique and fun podcast that brings information about disasters from many forms and how they can strike at any moment. They take issues about the environment, family, home, parenting and much more in combination with their real-world experience and training to teach you how to prepare for emergencies and set yourself up for success. Available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and on their website.