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Not only is the year coming to a close, but the decade is, as well. Now is the time to celebrate wins, reflect on the changes that have come our way, and prepare for the next 10 years to come. What does your firehouse have planned for 2020? Upgrading to comfier and durable furniture? Prioritizing safety in the station? Doing it all while saving money and supporting a firefighter-focused company? We have got you covered!

Now through January 31st, 2020, when you buy 3 or more recliners, you get 10% off!

When you buy from American Firehouse Furniture, you are supporting a company made by firefighters for firefighters. We don’t mess around when it comes to putting your station first. Our family has over 75 years of combined firefighting experience, so we know what matters most to you and your team.

You can be sure that our recliners are comfortable, durable, and most importantly, safe. What do we mean by safe? Your firefighters are exposed to enough dangerous chemicals on the job. That’s why we remove as many of the products that have potential health concerns when possible from our fire station furniture. A great example are the flame retardants commonly found in foams. These often contain carcinogens that can increase a firefighter’s risk of medical issues like cancer. You won’t find these harmful flame retardants in the foams of our recliners.

It doesn’t matter if your station is tight on space or if your firefighters need a place to stretch out and relax. We have the right recliners for your station. Our original Fire Tough Recliner is the classic solution to sit back and relax. Check out our Fire Tough Recliner XL if you need a little more room, or our Space Saver selection for smaller rooms.

Browse our catalog today and get 10% off when you buy 3 or more recliners! Act now through January 31st, 2020.