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At American Firehouse Furniture, we don’t mess around when it comes to putting firefighters first. With 3 generations and over 75 years of combined firefighting experience in our family, you can be sure your station’s needs and safety are a priority for us. We created our business to provide fire departments with safe, reliable, durable, and functional furniture at an affordable price. If knowing our company was created by firefighters for firefighters isn’t enough, keep reading to learn more about our products and the value we provide. 

Safety First
Our family knows the health issues associated with firefighting. We believe that firefighters are exposed enough at emergencies and they should not be exposed to carcinogens and other toxins in the firehouse. That’s why we make it a priority to create safe furniture.

What do we mean by “safe furniture”? We remove as many of the products that have potential health concerns when possible from our fire station furniture. A great example are the flame retardants commonly found in foams. These often contain carcinogens that can increase a firefighter’s risk of medical issues like cancer. That’s why we removed these harmful flame retardants from the foams in our recliners. 

Made Fire Tough
We have worked hard to develop and identify products that are designed and manufactured to meet the challenges of the firehouse environment. With fire stations running 24/7, the wear and tear are much different than within other businesses and homes. Residential-grade furniture won’t cut it – you need furniture that can withstand the rigorous environment of long shifts.

All of our furniture is constructed with the fire station in mind. Whether its heavy gauged steel or hard woods, everything from our tables to our recliners are built fire tough. Our fire station furniture is made in America and is exclusively crafted to be used in the fire service industry. 

One common pitfall when purchasing fire station furniture is taking a manufacture’s 24/7 product at face value and not reading nor understanding the warranties. We are proud of the durability of our products and our warranties reflect our high standards. For all of our fire station furniture, we offer a five-year warranty on construction defects, mechanisms, frames, as well as other components for specific products.

American Firehouse Furniture is a firefighter owned company and we invest a lot of time and energy into researching what can be done to make a more efficient, happier, and healthier workplace. Our products are built with firefighters as the focus. Browse our catalog today to see our words in action.