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In a traditional fire station, a large dormitory is furnished. Usually with individual beds, bunk beds or Murphy beds. However, privacy has become a priority because more women are joining the profession.

Currently, approximately 11,000 women in the United States work as a career firefighter, according to the International Association of Women in Fire and Emergency Service. An additional, 35,000-40,000 work as a volunteer firefighter. Also, the number of people who identify within the LGBTQ community joining the profession. There is clearly a need for privacy than ever before.

However, individual sleeping quarters provide additional privacy whether or not the fire state is female or male-dominated. These types of sleeping quarters allow firefighters to feel more at home when sleeping—imagine if someone snores, or if you want a more private place to change and just have an area to retreat to when you need private time.

Basically, comfort is key, and having dorm room setups with proper dorm room fire station furniture and sleeping quarters can make all the difference. Imagine a place to retreat to and ultimate relaxation.

As you may know and what has been discussed before is the rigorous lifestyle and stress that encompasses the firefighting profession. Previously, a study was conducted by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Oregon Health & Science University, and the United States Fire Administration on the impact of sleep deprivation on firefighters. The findings noted that chronic sleep deprivation could go unnoticed. However, firefighters need to acknowledge their need for sleep and have a way to achieve adequate restorative sleep.

While some may think that private sleeping quarters take up more space, in fact, they don’t. Private dorm rooms can take up the same area as bunkrooms. Why? Because in a lot of cases, the private dorm-style living can eliminate the need for a general quiet room—which ultimately saves on square footage. Also, purchasing dorm furniture that is made for a fire station can maximize the area. For example, the Fire Tough Solid Wood Captains Bed comes with storage underneath saving on square footage because of the need for other storage options. Or, the Fire Tough Solid Wood Panel Twin Bed with lower drawers is another option which can maximize the area. Purchasing fire station furniture that is made of solid wood construction and allows the beds to withstand the effects of constant use make the dorm room furniture durable and long-lasting. In addition, while still providing privacy and comfort.