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In these unprecedented times, we all try to find comfort in what we can control. While your firefighters are out on the job, potentially interacting with people who have COVID-19, it is more important than ever to ensure safety where you can. With our Fire Tough recliners, you and your station can be certain that those short moments of rest can be spent without the worry of harmful materials or the spread of disease.

Say Goodbye to Harmful Flame Retardants

All of our Fire Tough recliners are built with firefighters as the focus. Because they are already exposed to dangerous carcinogens at emergencies, we believe they should not be further exposed in the firehouse. We removed flame retardants from foams in our recliners to limit firefighters’ exposure to carcinogens.

Easily Clean and Disinfect Your Recliners

In addition to limiting contact with harmful materials, we also designed our recliners to be easily cleaned and disinfected per CDC-Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection recommendations and NFPA 1581 Chapter 8, Appendix C. The bonded leather that we use to cover our Fire Tough recliners has been tested and will withstand the use of a 3% bleach solution in compliance with NFPA and the CDC. Be sure to clean and disinfect your recliners and other frequently touched surfaces regularly. A few examples are door handles, remotes, light switches, and tables. These are hot spots for germs and viruses since they are often used but not always disinfected.

Here are a few trusted sources for keeping your station clean and safe at this time:

We want to encourage everyone to wash their hands frequently, to avoid touching your face, and to distance yourself from others if you show any symptoms of coronavirus. Please contact us with any question you might have on how to clean and disinfect your furniture. Our thoughts and hearts are with everyone impacted by this pandemic.

American Firehouse Furniture is a firefighter owned company and we invest a lot of time and energy into researching what can be done to make a more efficient, happier, and healthier workplace. Our products are built with firefighters as the focus. Browse our catalog today to see our words in action.