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Buying fire station furniture isn’t a difficult task, but it is something that requires a certain amount of effort. Remember, the ends justify the means. There are a few things to consider before you decide what to have delivered—What does your fire station look like and who is going to be using it the most? We have you covered in both.

Narrow down the search of determining what style you’re looking for—because you want something that is built fire tough. All of our fire station furniture is built to withstand the rigorous demands of the job. Also, we know who is going to be using it, and how you spend your typical day on the job. Our family created American Firehouse Furniture, and we have more than 75 years combined of professional firefighter service. That means that we built all of our products with fire departments in mind—safe, reliable, durable, functional, and affordable. We know what you are looking for and who is going to be using it.

After a long and sometimes difficult day—we know you just want to put your feet up. Our fire station furniture line of Fire Tough recliners is made for the firehouse, and with multiple colors to choose from, it’s by far our most popular product. Please sit back and relax, because it’s made to be strong, and durable.

The standard Fire Tough Recliner allows you not only to put your feet up but is on a mechanism that rocks when it’s not reclined. During the assembly of the frame and springs, only heavy gauged steel is used, and each chair has additional springs for more significant support. Uniquely designed foam densities are used to allow for comfort while you are relaxing but still keeping the form and stability of the recliner. Each arm frame is reinforced explicitly to maintain the overall strength and durability of the structure of the chair.

Lay on back because each recliner is literally designed for each person in your fire station. The unique combination of geometry and the occupant’s weight is what is used to balance the operation instead of traditional springs. Therefore, while using the recliner, the process of opening and closing, firmness of the ottoman, and back balance will adjust according to the individual. You can’t beat that!

Our recliners have the look and relaxing feel of your living room while still keeping the fire station environment in mind. Each chair is designed explicitly with durable bonded leather that is made for the demands of the firehouse. This recycled leather provides extra durability while maintaining a high-quality finish. We have perfected the combination that care-free traditional leather cannot match—a unique blend of nature and technology.

We also believe in helping you live as healthy of a life as possible– on and off the job. With our fire station furniture, flame retardants have been removed from the foam products that are used in order to limit your exposure to carcinogens. Make your fire station feel like home by taking advantage of fully assembled fire station furniture delivered free* right to your door. We make it easy for you to focus on what’s important, while also being able to relax.

*Free delivery in 48 contiguous states, call for shipping costs in other areas.