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The 2010s were a time of big changes across the board – from the way we communicate with people on a daily basis and the technology we use to do it, to how our families spend time together and support our communities. It was also a time of increasing danger for our communities and our firefighters. The firefighting community fought some of the most destructive fires it hass ever seen in the last few years. While all signs point to this being the new norm, there have been some advances in technology and safety that have us starting 2020 with excitement!

Technology is On Our Side
No one can argue that the past century has brought about advances in all types of technology that no one could have dreamed of. This is just as true for those of us who work to keep our communities safe from fires. New computer programs help us find trends for important statistics, like what our busiest days might be and how we can be more efficient day-to-day. Improvements to our equipment and in-home devices make it so we can stop or slow down disasters more quickly than ever before. You can’t argue with efficiency and accessibility. We’re ready to see what the next decade brings to fire safety and beyond.

A New Season of Safety
Sometimes, it feels like the work of firefighters gets more toxic each day. With considerably more products in homes and offices being made with plastics, we watch more firefighters fight against diseases like cancer. While there is only so much safety equipment can do to prevent these dangers, there are steps you can take within your own fire station to help keep your team from being exposed to harmful carcinogens.

The furniture firefighters use in their station can have more of an impact than just being a place to sit, sleep, or eat. Furniture, like recliners, usually contain foams with harmful carcinogens. With the high level of exposure firefighters already experience on the job, continued exposure while they are trying to rest doesn’t cut it. That’s why all of our furniture is constructed for the fire station. We remove as many of the products that have potential health concerns when possible from our fire station furniture. A great example is the flame retardants commonly found in foams. These often contain carcinogens that can increase a firefighter’s risk for medical issues like cancer. That’s why we removed these harmful flame retardants from the foams in our recliners.

We know the work of firefighters is tough, and that’s why we make the high-quality products we do. We hope 2020 is treating you and your fire station well so far. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter (@firehousechairs) what your favorite moment was in the last decade and what you’re excited for in the coming years!

American Firehouse Furniture is a firefighter owned company and we invest a lot of time and energy into researching what can be done to make a more efficient, happier, and healthier workplace. Our products are built with firefighters as the focus. Browse our catalog today to see our words in action.