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When deciding on fire station furniture to create your home away from home, it is vital to keep in mind how you can create a more relaxed atmosphere that brings a crew together. Some of the challenges that departments face can be solved through new fire station furniture solutions—more functionality and flexibility, creating an environment that welcomes visitors, increasing the well-being of the staff and creating a multi-functional space.
At Fire House Chairs we are a firefighter owned company and invest a lot of time and energy into researching what can be done to make a more efficient, happier, and healthier workplace. One of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for fire station furniture is the life cycle and level of durability. The fire station is running 24/7, the wear and tear are much different from that within other businesses such as a corporate office or even when considering your home. That is why it is essential to recognize the difference between residential-grade furniture and commercial-grade furniture. Within a firehouse, you need your fire station furniture to last and hold up to the rigorous environment within the 24/7 facility. Many firefighters work 24-hour shifts, so your furniture has to endure three eight-hour shifts a day. One pitfall when purchasing fire station furniture is taking a manufacture’s 24/7 product at face value and not reading nor understanding the warranties. For all of our fire station furniture, we offer a five-year warranty on construction defects, mechanisms, frames, as well as other components for specific products.

The difference between residential-grade and commercial-grade furniture is noticeable. Commercial-grade furniture is designed to be easily maintained and built for long-lasting resilience. We have worked with the top manufacturers across the country to develop and identify products that are made to last, so you do not have to buy new furniture every few years. Each piece of our fire station furniture is specifically designed to eliminate as many of the products used in furniture that have potential health concerns. Our fire station furniture is constructed with durable materials while removing the toxic fire retardants that have been used in furniture foam since the 1970s. Another critical aspect that makes our fire station furniture stand out from other companies that use the term “firefighter proof” is the elimination of the exposed use of OSB, fiberboards and other manufactured wood products that have the potential of off-gassing and exposing firefighters to additional toxins in the firehouse.

Our lifecycle of the furniture is insurmountable and keeping our 75 years of combined experience as professional firefighters in mind—our fire station furniture outlasts other companies, and there is no doubt the furniture we can provide can be sat on for many hours of the work day, seven days a week, for years to come.